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Every man carries “The Mantle” of leadership for his family. When it comes to your family, you are “The Mantle” of l read more

Married men have gargantuan responsibility to provide, protect, lead, love, be available for the kids, shepherd the family faith and most im read more

Summertime means fun time.   For kids, school’s out, free time is in.   For families, special memories, trips and other adve read more

Women want to love men who act their own age. That is, they are looking for 20 year old men who act like they are 20 years old. Women are se read more

Let’s go get God’s mind on this topic we are calling uprising. If you have a Bible, I want you to turn to Jeremiah 3:19, and the read more


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About Alex

Alex Murashko is currently working with One Ten Pictures as the media organization’s Story Producer, developing and working on projects that include stories about people who make a positive difference in this world.

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