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It’s no longer a question mark. Businesses that came into social media by taking awkward baby steps or by kicking and screaming are now in deep water and treading just fine thank you.

Coca-Cola, IBM, Bill Gates, NASA… they’re all there. It was only a matter of time, and the time is now.

Problogger just posted 2010: The Social Media Year in Review For Bloggers and we find out these things:

The New York Times reported that Americans are spending as much time online as they are in front of the television set.

People are watching 2 billion videos a day on YouTube and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily. In fact, every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

Facebook served over 500 million active users, and 50% of those users log on to Facebook in any given day. The average user has 130 friends and is connected to 80 pages, groups, and events. If Facebook was a country it would be the third-largest in the world. Do you have a presence there?

Let’s not forget about Twitter—the social networking platform is on track to serve 200 million users by year’s end. I’ve got to ask you the same question: do you have a presence there?

Of course, people aren’t just networking and connecting online, they’re publishing too. As of December, 2010 there are over 32 million WordPress publishers.

Now advertising and marketing infiltrate just about everywhere and every way you spend your time in front of anything electronic or digital … not just in front of your TV. The Information Age has gone beyond something kind of passive and into something that permeates your whole mind and body. Social media and business are almost one in the same now.

Are you ready for 2011?