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Hillsong Catalyst 2 IRVINE, Calif. — From a 10-year-old prodigy wowing on the piano to a muscle-pumped pastor laying down the word, to Hillsong’s Taya Smith yet again powerfully moving another crowd with worship song,  Catalyst West delivered before 3,000 leaders on Thursday and Friday, and where “the Church” goes from here is in God’s hands.

“Catalyst is like the Ferrari of Christian conferences,” said Pastor Levi Lusko during a dueling Periscope interview I had with him.

No doubt there was plenty of nuggets to take in, absorb, and marinate on.

“We want to embolden every leader who loves the Church,” said Tyler Reagin, new executive director for Catalyst. “That means any leader who is pouring their time and talent into serving the Church – from full-time pastors leading entire churches to marketplace leaders who are volunteering on Sundays, supporting church plants, leading small groups, etc.”

My interview with Reagin will be published this coming week. Meanwhile, enjoy the exclusive photos provided by Catalyst.


Hillsong Catalyst 3

Hillsong Catalyst 1

Catalyst Craig Groeschel

Catalyst Andy Stanley use this

Catalyst kaboom

Catalyst Levi Lusko

Catalyst little boy

Catalyst Judah Smith

Photo credit: Catalyst