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This week I had the absolute blessing of talking to the main techie dudes at Harvest. Pastor Greg Laurie had posted earlier in the week that last week’s 3-day Harvest Crusades in Anaheim had more than a million viewers of the the event’s live webcast, nearly triple the amount from last year he wrote.

Hold everything! Harvest’s pastor of communications, webmaster, and radio distributor guys weren’t so sure they wanted to “go ahead of the numbers” and said they still have one to two weeks more of calculations based on reports still coming in.

What I loved most about my talking to the techies on the other end of the phone line was that they said the bottom line was that they want to help spread the Gospel message and they are “moving into that space.”

You know that space don’t you?

Somewhere in between Farmville and porn-spamming tweets is a space. Somewhere in between that family vacation album on your Facebook wall and the Obama-hate cartoon posted by your LinkedIn friend there is a space.

You know don’t you? Somewhere in between the cracks of your friends’ “Happy Birthday” posts prompted by your profile and the news story links firehosed into your feed there is a space…

And that space either goes vacant or void…

Or that space is filled with His light.

Why the later?

Because someone decided to move into that space.

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