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The founder of a group promoting Christian support for Israel wants to take seminary students from U.S. colleges who desire to enter fulltime ministry to the next level by offering a two-week accredited, study tour held in the Holy Land… FULL STORY

The pro-life Live Action group released a second undercover video Thursday showing a Planned Parenthood clinic worker willing to help a woman abort her baby if it’s a girl. The video’s release comes on the same day the House of Representatives failed to pass the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA) which would criminalize aborting a fetus because they are not a preferred gender… FULL STORY

A feeling of being abandoned by God and a curiosity about the pagan religion of Wicca led her to a 10-year life immersed in witchcraft, says a first-time Christian author. S.A. (Seleah Ally) Tower said she wants to share her story in order for others to learn how she escaped a very dark period in her life… FULL STORY