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Los Angeles, Spanish Crusade

“Today’s ruling opens the door for inevitable intolerance towards people of faith who repudiate bigotry, defend the image of God in all human beings and also believe that marriage is a sacred union defined by Him…

“…It is our faith that compels us to care for the poor and speak against injustice. It is our faith that prompts us to speak out against bullying and against the persecution of gays and lesbians in Third World countries,” Rodriguez stated. “It is our Christian faith that requires us to uphold the biblical definition of marriage as a sacred union between one man and one woman.” — Samuel Rodriguez, who is both a California pastor and president of the National Hispanic Leadership Conference.

Pastors Hesitant to Comment on SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

“There’s a reason why persons don’t split apart like amoebas.” — Russell D. Moore

How Should Same-Sex Marriage Change the Church’s Witness?


“We just do what the Holy Spirit calls us to do and allow Him to do the rest, opposed to focusing on what He might be up to or try to keep a record of the lives we’ve seen touched by the Lord through this ministry. There have been times God has shown us fruit two- to four-years after an outreach, which totally blesses us. But the whole ministry is not for us, it’s for Him. We know that God is always working behind the scenes and I truly believe He only allows us to see a tiny fraction of what He’s actually doing.” — Sheri Brown, one of the lead coordinators for the San Diego chapter of JC’s Girls

Christians Outreach Into Strip Clubs, Porn Conventions to Share Love of Jesus


Reflection on Independence; Prayer

Going into this holiday time of celebrating our independence (which is kinda weird because July 4th falls on the middle of the week), I pray that we reach out to God for answers to all that troubles us on our stretch of the planet that we call the United States of America.

In fact, let me just go ahead and say a prayer here:

Dear God,

Please have mercy on us as we go about our business without giving you enough time or thought. Can you prompt us, in your grace, to help us remember to reach out to you more? You have the answers. We don’t.

Teach us to love like Christ. Teach us to walk like Christ. Teach us to worship as if we were already in heaven.

In your Son’s name. Amen!