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When your heart breaks for a country that’s just suffered one of the biggest disasters in history it would be quite normal to expect some sort of paralysis. What happened in Japan on March 11, 2011 is enough to stop anyone in their tracks just at the thought of trying to fathom such devastation.

Then, after processing the monumental tragedy in different ways, and taking whatever time it takes to do so, people do by the grace of God begin to move. They move to pray … move to give … move to prepare … and in some seemingly rare cases … move to take an action step.

My friend, Dave Holden, who is the Pastor and Director of International Purpose Driven Training at Saddleback Church is leaving for Japan tomorrow. He is taking an action step. His mission is to not only help in the relief effort, but to come alongside pastors and churches that are in dire need of rebooting… and in some cases, building anew. Pastor Dave has a vision that includes seeing Japan’s people not only coming out of this event as survivors, but as people that have come to know Jesus Christ.

Please join me in prayer as I pray that God provides Pastor Dave with a trip filled with God’s divine intervention and glory!

Visit PEACE in Japan to follow Pastor Dave’s journey in Japan and the Saddleback Church’s Japan PEACE team efforts in the country as well.