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PEACE in Japan is about praying and serving with the Japanese Church. The Japan PEACE Team of Saddleback Church exists to support existing partnerships and cultivate new relationships with pastors, churches, leaders and missionaries who love and serve persons of Japanese descent for the sake of Jesus Christ. The group’s partnership includes the Purpose Driven Fellowship of Japan. Go to to follow the group’s story.

PEACE in Japan posted:

Yesterday, we posted a letter from Miya’s brother, who is working inside the Fukushima Nuclear plant. Today, she’s received another letter:

Hi, I am fine.

We came to our company branch in Iwaki city, Fukushima (little over 20 km south from the plant) yesterday and are using it as our base office.

Yesterday’s aftershock was pretty big, even though I was used to earthquakes, it was scary. After the big aftershock, the power went out, and medium aftershocks (Japanese scale of Shindo 3-4) kept coming almost every 10 minutes.

As for the work inside the plant, we started yesterday. It is inside the Fukushima Nuclear plant. Seeing with my own eyes the exploded and damaged reactor building No 4, I was just speechless… FULL STORY/LETTER