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LOS ANGELES – When author and pastor Erwin McManus introduced his daughter, Mariah, and core members of Mosaic L.A. church’s worship team to an audience at the historic Wiltern theater last year magic happened, and perhaps more specifically, God was giving a beat to L.A.

“This is not simply a concert, it’s an act of worship to the creator of the universe,” McManus, who is the lead pastor of the church that includes locations in Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles, told the enthusiastic crowd.

The pastor with a pension for pushing creatives says that when the church launched more than 20 years ago, he was also the worship leader and was admittedly “not very good.” However, during his first experiences with listening to old hymnal music, although sometimes difficult to comprehend, he realized that music was a powerful method that God used to move people, he said. The event last year in May was the culmination of a dream he’s had for more than two decades.

Today, the dream becomes even more real as the single Nvr Stp was released on iTunes from Mosaic MSC.

It’s on the pop side and I like it a lot. Perhaps God has given L.A. a beat.