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Nick Vujicic

The fact that inspirational Christian speaker Nick Vujicic could speak about God at all before a soccer stadium full of people in Vietnam, a communist country highly restrictive of religion, on Thursday was considered a miracle by one of the Vietnamese organizers of the event.


Nguyen Dat An, who helped organize Vujicic’s visit, said he was surprised the state broadcaster didn’t cut off the speech altogether after Vujicic’s comments about his faith.

“This was a miracle in Vietnam,” An told the Associated Press. “God is the general director of this event.” FULL STORY AT THE CHRISTIAN POST


“Tim Tebow, I know, is really disappointed that he hasn’t got it going and on a  team, in a direction, knowing what locker room he is going to be in right now,  but the advice I’d have for Tim is just to be patient, be faithful, the Lord has  a good spot for you, He’s going to give you the right situation.” – Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy to Tim Tebow: The Lord Has a Good Spot for You


“I might disagree with somebody, but I will not try to censor them or silence  them. In fact, I will even say, we are Americans, we have freedom of speech, you  can express your views, let’s have a civil conversation about this. I would  actually like to persuade you to believe what I believe, but if you choose not  to believe what I believe you have that right,” said Laurie during his message.  “This is America. I will not try to stop you from having that view, but there  are people out there who would say to us, ‘You can’t have that view, you cannot  express that view, and not only that, we want to silence you and the only way we  will be satisfied is when you come back to us and say, not only do we tolerate  what you believe, but we accept it and we approve it, then we will be happy.”

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