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me and Richard Land

“What we have to have is a revival that ripens into an awakening and culminates into a reformation. At the same time, Jesus has commanded us to be salt and light. Being salt and light means that you go out into the society, you don’t withdraw, and you seek to tell the truth in Christian love. Salt stops dead things from rotting, light brings life, it penetrates the darkness.” – Dr. Richard Land

Richard Land: Future of America Depends on What Saved People Do

Tribute to 25 Years of Moral Leadership – Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission – CP VIDEO


“Colleges should be the marketplace of ideas, not environments where professors manipulate students into advancing particular political agendas,” – Litigation Staff Counsel Travis Barham, Alliance Defending Freedom

Tenn. Professor Requires Students to Support Gay Rights, Calls View of Those Opposed to Assignment ‘Ignorant’


“When we are looking for a local church to attend, our prayer should be ‘Where do you want me Lord?’ There has been many times where Jesus has placed me in places that I would not have chosen. He placed me there to be a blessing. He placed me there to learn. He placed me there just to encourage the people who were struggling. Shopping for the best fit for you is a fickle criteria. As soon as you find something that doesn’t fit, you will just go shopping again. You will never grow deep in your relationship with the Lord or with others with that mentality…” – Small Time Preacher – Big Time God

Consumer Christians by Duke Taber