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Nativity Flash Mob in Santa Monica Dec. 16, 2012

A group of Christians decided it was time to encourage others, to let them know that celebrating Christmas with outward expressions of faith in the public square was OK. It did not matter that the city of Santa Monica decided that holding its 60-year tradition of Nativity scene displays at Palisades Park had become a hassle because of protesting atheists. It was not of major concern that the city cancelled the displays or that the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee had to find private land to keep its tradition alive.

The Christians decided to NOT get angry and instead they decided to do what matters most.

What matters is that the Christmas story needs to be told – it’s part of the Great Commission for Christians. And this time of year, Christians should be able to celebrate freely, carry on the message, and not be hiding for fear of offending someone.

The Nativity Flash Mob is a wonderful and heartfelt reminder of the purpose of Christmas. This was performed at the Santa Monica Place Mall on December 16th, 2012. It was a partnership between Metro Calvary Chapel in Santa Monica and a fellowship of Christians from Orange County, Calif.

Nativity Flash Mob – Santa Monica, CA 2012 YouTube video link:


Pastor Steve Snook, lead pastor of Metro Calvary Chapel in Santa Monica. Steve hosted the group at his church the day of the event for rehearsal and was excited about the idea from the moment he heard about it. He is also on the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee and spoke before City Council in defense of the 60-year-tradition of having the stationary scenes displayed at Palisades Park. His church did Christmas caroling the night after at Palisades Park the night after the flash mob.


Shawn King was the artistic director of the event and has produced the incredible Christmas shows at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church for the last several years. She also directed a flash mob at Easter time that had global participation.