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Pro-Life Action League Executive Director Eric Scheidler, who co-chaired the national event, told The Christian Post Friday after most of the rallies were completed that next week he will be planning, along with a core of 150 leaders from cities in the U.S., how to proceed forward.

“For us working at the Pro-Life Action League, the HHS mandate which both attacks the sanctity of life by treating fertility like a medical condition and pregnancy like a disease requiring free mandated so-called preventive care, and freedom of religion which motivates us to move into the public square to work for a better America, activism was a natural response,” Scheidler said.

“What really excites me is that I am now in touch with activist leaders, some of them at their very first event or action that they’ve ever participated in. I have 150 activist leaders that I can work with and train in the best practices of activism,” he continued. “There’s a whole core of activists that we’ve raised up through this effort and I just can’t wait to put them all to work on behalf of the sanctity of life and the vigorous expression of religious faith in the public square.”