Movie About Blind Surfer Derek Rabelo Premiers This Month;  9 Million Views of Turkish Airlines’ #DelightfulStories Video

Movie About Blind Surfer Derek Rabelo Premiers This Month; 9 Million Views of Turkish Airlines’ #DelightfulStories Video

One Ten Pictures and I had the opportunity to talk to with Gary Zelasko, marketing director for Greg Laurie’s Harvest Ministries, this morning, and in our discussion, Gary shared about a new film coming out later this month, “Beyond Sight.” There’s a new approach to marketing films these days, and it’s rather than opening with a big bang on one night, red carpet and all, some producers are opting to do a steady trickle of grass roots marketing instead.

Aside from the marketing aspect of our conversation, I got really excited about checking out the story of the film. Below is what’s stated on the movie’s Facebook page of what look’s to be an exciting film and certainly a great true story.

The above video just published in February, already has 9 million views.

Two weeks before Bryan Jennings traveled to Rio, Brazil with 3X World Champion Tom Curren, he watched a powerful online short video about a blind surfer who surfed pipeline. He was absolutely amazed and inspired. What he didn’t know was that God had a bigger plan as always. The blind surfer’s name was Derek Rabelo and he was from Brazil and was scheduled to be a special guest at Walking On Water movie outreach in Rio, Brazil. Even though special guests as Tom Curren, Damien Hobgood and Lakey Peterson were invited, the crowd was much more impressed with Derek the blind surfer who surfed pipeline.

The next day, they all went surfing and were amazed to see Derek surf and see his faith in Jesus Christ. When Bryan returned home from Brazil, he could not stop thinking about Derek and his powerful testimony. God then made it very clear through some miraculous circumstances that Derek’s story would be the next Walking On Water film and the theme of the movie would be based on 2 Corinthians 5:7 which says, “We are to live by faith, NOT by sight.” The title of the movie is BEYOND SIGHT.

…This will be the 12th faith based surfing documentary that Walking On Water films has produced over the past 15 years. We are so excited about this movie!

2 Minutes and 30 Seconds BEYOND SIGHT MOVIE TRAILER from WalkingOnWater on Vimeo.

Photo: Walking on Water Films.

Azusa Now: A Movement that Includes an Inside Job… and More than 100,000 Expected at LA Coliseum

Azusa Now: A Movement that Includes an Inside Job… and More than 100,000 Expected at LA Coliseum

It hasn’t been easy and yet it has been when I let go, let God.

Turns out that the result so far of my spending as much time as possible inside the 10 days leading up to Azusa Now, a period that includes loving-on and evangelizing-on (not a dirty business after all) people of the streets, parks, and beaches of Los Angeles, has intensified my personal relationship with Jesus.

I’ve had to face my issues that bring about fear, and balance priorities… and leave Orange County for long blocks of time (that’s an inside joke for those of us who often dwell inside the comforts of living “behind the Orange Curtain”).

Mostly, I want more of Him in every part of my life. And have discovered that revival is an inside job. While we may want to see America change under the direction of God, I don’t have to look much farther than myself for areas of overhaul.

In the midst of inner change and as a part of the process, I’ve seen drunks sober to conversations about God, drug addicts stop long enough to give salvation a thought or two, and peace fall upon places that may have had very little of it to begin with.

Then, there’s the children of L.A. Surrounded by followers of Jesus on a mission to reflect His love, children are smiling, laughing, and beaming with freedom to be joyful. Yes, there’ the little ones feeling the cleansing, refreshing rain of His love to their core. But there’s the older kids, too. A fire is burning in young people, like the ones who went to see Nick Vujicic talk about hope on a Friday night at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights.

Tonight begins three nights of prayer on the Los Angeles Coliseum surrounding grounds. Then, on Saturday, more than 100,000 people are expected to spend the day inside this spectacular stadium that’s hosted two Olympics and thousands of other events. Azusa Now has already proven to be a catalyst for change in my own life and in the lives of many on the streets of Los Angeles, who for the first time, have given their life to Jesus… hope and change you can believe in more so than anything else this world has to offer.

Tracking All Things #AzusaNow in Los Angeles [LIVE Updates]

Tracking All Things #AzusaNow in Los Angeles [LIVE Updates]

Hello. I’m embedding with all things Azusa Now for the next 10 days and want to post often. I pray for love to flood Los Angeles so the world will know of His amazing grace!

Friday April 8 — 9:23 pm

Wednesday April 6 — 6:46 am
My latest update includes a look at what’s going on inside… myself.

Azusa Now: A Movement that Includes an Inside Job

Friday April 1 — 9:19 pm

Special night with Nick Vujicic includes passing out Bibles.


Friday April 1 — 7:06 am


Friday April 1 — 4:45 am

Yes, it’s way early. Seems like thinking and praying long before daylight has become the routine in the last three days. As I participate in the lead-up to Azusa Now with Circuit Riders and the Carry the Love LA campaign I’m stretched to seek God’s help in growing my relationship with Jesus. And that’s a very good thing.

Tonight, Nick Vujicic at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights. Change is a coming!

I read this morning…

READ AND SHARE: Lou Engle in Prophetic Whirlwind Around Azusa Now #AzusaNow #losangeles #boyleheights

Thurs March 31 — 10:05 am

Connectivity issues this morning. From yesterday…



Wed. March 30 — 10:48 am


Wed. March 30 — 8:44 am

PRESS RELEASE: Azusa Now Partners with Carry the Love for 10-day Initiative to Flood LA with Compassion

Wed. March 30 — 8:30 am

Before I get too far into this, you may be asking, “WHAT IS AZUSA NOW?”

This from Azusa Now:

There are times which Scripture describes as “full” — periods of unusual ripeness in which God unleashes His prophetic purpose across the earth. Such days of faith and expectation often come during periods of crisis or widespread uncertainty. For 15 years, amidst massive cultural decay, Lou Engle and TheCall have sought to proclaim the bold, uncompromising message of consecration to Jesus. Like John the Baptist, we have cried out, “Prepare the way of the Lord!”

Yet the last statement of John was not “Prepare the way,” but “Behold the Lamb!” If there was truly a John Movement, then a Jesus Movement is surely coming! Believing that decades of globe-spanning prayer have saturated the heavens, we will boldly ask God for the rain of revival on April 9th, 2016. We will consecrate an entire day — 15 hours — for the purpose of unity, miracles, healing, and the proclamation of the gospel. Our rally cry: Come, Holy Spirit! Instead of 120 in the Upper Room, we seek to gather as many as 120,000 in one place and one accord to simply exalt Jesus. And for inspiration, we turn to the most powerful expression of revival in modern times: the historic Azusa Street Revival of 1906.

Wed. March 30 — 8:12 am

Starbucks check in Boyle Heights“For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” – Galatians 5:13 NKJV

Starbucks on Olympic and Soto. Finished story for Brian Godowa’s new book, The Dragon King. Let ya know when it’s published. Meeting with Kevin Paz in a bit to head off to Day One of Circuit Rider School: Carry The Love Los Angeles. The training culminates on April 9 for Azusa Now.

Godfactor Founder Plans First National Week of Repentance, Says America Has Lost Its Way

Godfactor Founder Plans First National Week of Repentance, Says America Has Lost Its Way

A Pennsylvania pastor and radio host is leading the charge for a National Week of Repentance planned for April 3-10, calling for revival by first asking Americans to admit their personal and collective sins.

Michael - National Week of Repentance“We’ve lost our way,” said Godfactor founder and Grace Fellowship lead pastor Michael Anthony. “Our nation is a collection of broken things—lives, families and houses of worship. It’s time for healing restoration and genuine spiritual awakening.”

The event is being described as the first simultaneous, unified gathering of its kind in American history, enabling people in all 50 states (and territories) to seek God in a manner true to 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 and Joel 2:12-17.

“It’s designed so that everyone, everywhere can participate,” organizers stated. “You don’t have to get in a car or a plane to participate. Wherever you are, no matter what you’re going through, you can join in and truly be part of a historic movement of God and people.”

The national event is scheduled to launch from Anthony’s church in York, where more than 400 people have made decisions to follow Christ as savior in the last three years.

Organizers said that despite the much-debated political platforms of the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, Anthony decided to examine his own life, family, marriage and church to indicate where change should begin in America.

“Real revival starts with each of us,” he said. “2 Chronicles 7:13-14 makes it clear that true revival and spiritual awakening are the greatest need at this key time in America’s history and future. It’s a burden of mine and I feel it’s absolutely urgent.”

Anthony’s discouragement peaked last year with all the complaints about the nation’s moral decline, racial unrest, financial collapse, fear, hatred and void of leadership—mere symptoms he associated with “a larger spiritual problem plaguing our nation’s soul.” Then, in the absence of a clear call to action, he felt burdened to search the Bible for solutions and was led to launch the National Week of Repentance and solemn assemblies, according to Joel 2 in the Old Testament of the Bible.

“A deeper walk with God is always tied to repentance,” he said in a recent interview. “That is why the National Week of Repentance is so significant. We want God’s blessing. We want revival. The way that God says that revival happened is always tied to repentance. If you read about the Azusa Street Revival you’ll see that people were calling out to the Lord in repentance. You read about the Asbury Revival – repentance. There’s no real revival in history, and I’m not talking about a revival the way they do it down South, I’m talking about biblical revival, without repentance.”

He added, “Repentance for the Christ follower is something we have to do initially and then we do perpetually.”

Those wanting to participate can download free action guides and view livestream broadcasts ( of Anthony teaching in-depth messages and practical application to help people repent wherever they are. Livestream dates and times are: Sunday morning, April 3, 2016 from 9:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m. EST, Sunday evening, April 3, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. EST, Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. EST, and Sunday morning, April 10, 2016 from 9:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m. EST.

‘Tragedy & Triumph’ Delivers Must-See Theatre in OC, Gets Into Pontius Pilate’s Head

‘Tragedy & Triumph’ Delivers Must-See Theatre in OC, Gets Into Pontius Pilate’s Head

Must-see theatre is becoming the norm, especially around holidays such as Easter, at what many might consider a most unlikely place – Calvary Chapel of the Harbour located at Peter’s Landing in Huntington Beach.

After experiencing “A Christmas Carol” last December and now “Tragedy & Triumph,” at a dress rehearsal last Saturday, I can imagine that theatre-goers will surely come away (as I did after both musical plays) feeling challenged and inspired to reflect on their own lives.

In “Tragedy & Triumph” which opens today (Tuesday, March 22) at 7pm with more performances on Thursday and Friday at 7 pm, and Easter Sunday at noon, we are given a look into the lives of two men during the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The play follows the tormented Pontius Pilate and the truth-seeking Roman Centurion Maximus in an artistic interpretation that remains faithful to the Gospel. Particularly fascinating is that the torment in Pilate’s mind and even in the mind of Judas Iscariot, and sometimes others, is an actual character. Although “Spirit of Deception,” played by Brynn Wagner, is “invisible” to the two men and everyone else in the story, the audience definitely sees and hears SOD and the havoc she wreaks on men’s minds.

Kathleen Pedick, who has been creating and directing plays for several years at the church, said she wanted Spirit of Deception to represent the “negative influence” that can disrupt our lives and humankind since the beginning of time.

“’Spirit of Deception’ (as a person) is not in the Bible,” said, Pedick, who is lead pastor Joe Pedick’s wife. “But it (deception) is all over the Bible as far as the influence.” She said she created the character to bring a sort of tangible example of how people can listen to inner demons.

“Tragedy & Triumph” has an acting and stage crew of more than 50 volunteers from the church, including Glenn Ingerick, who plays Pontius Pilate, and Dray Wagner as the Roman Centurion Maximus. The play, offered for free admission, is described on its program as the story of “two lives at the very crossroads of human history.”

While Pilate takes the “politically correct” way, says Pedick, the Roman Centurion is influenced “slowly and softly” towards the Son of God. “One chose triumph and the other chose tragedy, both men having free will to choose.”

Judas at the well

Pedick, who loves period pieces in books and theatre, wrote three of the songs for the play. She said she wanted to take the true story and enhance it for theatre, dramatizing the characters to “make it a little different.”

When she was asked about what she’d like audiences to come away with, she said, “Choices, and that free will choice of salvation. They can choose Pontius Pilate’s road, be politically correct and do whatever everybody else is doing, or they can choose the hope of Christ, the risen Christ.”

She adds, “It was really important for me to have the character Pontius Pilate like almost schizophrenic in his speech. I think we accomplished that.

“I think Pontius Pilate came to a point where he did not want to hear [the truth of Jesus] and instead wanted to keep his position and remain popular with the people. I think a lot of people can identify with that today.”

Calvary Chapel of the Harbour is located at 16450 Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite 100, Huntington Beach, California. The church’s website url is On Facebook: Phone: (562) 592-1800.

Judas and high priest

Photos by Carlos Melgar
Top: Pontius Pilate, played by Glenn Ingerick, is tormented by ‘Spirit of Deception,’ portrayed by Brynn Wagner. Roman soldier Flavius, played by Craig Peterson, stands behind. ‘Tragedy & Triumph’ is running at Calvary Chapel of the Harbour this week.

Middle: Judas Iscariot (Andrew Gonzales) counts his money after betraying Jesus.

Bottom: Judas (Andrew Gonzales) and a High Priest (Ray Carvalho) have a moment.

Will The Passion Live on Fox Surpass Ratings Success of Grease?

Will The Passion Live on Fox Surpass Ratings Success of Grease?

Although producers of The Passion, broadcast live on Fox this Sunday, are quick to point out that their modern-day presentation of Jesus’ last moments on earth before his death and resurrection isn’t really a musical, but a “musical event,” TV ratings will still be compared to such shows as Grease: Live.

“If anybody should be doing it, it’s Fox. Music runs through the fabric of the company, from Glee to Empire to Idol. If anybody should be in the live musical space, it’s Fox,” said executive producer Adam Anders in an interview with Billboard. “And this one’s a little different — it’s not like Grease, The Sound of Music or any of those because it has all these extra components. The Passion is kinda its own genre, which is exciting, because it borrows from all those things and also paves the way.”

Originally broadcast by Fox on January 31, 2016, Grease: Live was an adaptation of the 1971 musical Grease. The network’s three-hour live telecast had the performance averaging 12.2 million viewers and a 4.3 rating among adults 18-49.

Despite a top-notch promotional campaign, the buzz for The Passion was a bit slow to come. However, viewer interest came to a full-head of steam this week when its producers and stars stepped up their public journaling of their pre-production and rehearsal time in New Orleans via social media.

Tyler Perry, who will narrate the event, posted recently, “When I was asked to do this I thought, ‘wait a second, FOX is gonna do what?’ If you’re like me at that time, then you’re wondering ‘what is The Passion?’ Well, let me try to explain. It’s not a musical like Grease or The Wiz, this is the story of Jesus Christ’s last hours on earth, told as if He were on earth today.”

He explained that show will focus on the biblical story “told in modern times” and set to some of today’s most popular songs performed throughout New Orleans. “There will also be people, like you and me, carrying a 20-foot illuminated cross through the streets. Talk about letting your little light shine,” he said.

While skeptics may want to attach political meanings to an event broadcast nationally about faith, Perry, during a press junket in Los Angeles hosted by Fox said, “Personally, I feel it would do such a disservice to the story that we are all trying to tell by focusing [instead] on something that may matter to a lot of people” such as political and religious implications. “But when you talk about the love and compassion of Christ that’s represented in this story and the agony of what he was going through at the time, there’s so many more layers and colors, than trying to isolate or separate… When I think about Christ, I think about the inclusion of everyone.”

For Christians a bit squeamish about the shows “modern” direction, the dialogue between Jesus and his disciples will be scripture (Good News Translation), said producers, who worked closely with the American Bible Society. Producers state that the event’s format was originally created in the Netherlands by Jacco Doornbos and Eye2Eye Media. “The Dutch version of The Passion has been produced annually since 2011 and has aired consecutively for the last five years, becoming a pop culture phenomenon, commanding more than 46% market share in 2015.”

“What makes it really special and worthwhile for all those years is that when we started in 2011 in the Netherlands, only 25 percent of the Dutch population knew what the story of Jesus was about,” said Doornbos during a press roundtable. “Now, five years later, they did a new survey, and now it’s 60 percent of the Dutch population. That’s the reason we started developing this show.”

Anders, who has worked on the project for two years, including arranging the music, told reporters that The Passion is the most important work of his life. He said that during the process he asked himself, “How can I tell this story not just for believers?”

“Obviously, this is a story you want everyone to hear… That is the essence of Jesus’ message. It’s for everyone to hear,” Anders said. “Taking these songs, they are hit songs that people already know and relate to, that they were moved by prior in a different setting and now putting them into this incredibly powerful story… I’m in the studio doing this [and] I’m crying [and] I’ve got goose bumps.”

For more information, including broadcast times in your area:

Photo via The Passion Live

Harvest America: A Hope for Thousands to Come to Jesus During Historical Gathering in Texas

Harvest America: A Hope for Thousands to Come to Jesus During Historical Gathering in Texas

Evangelist Greg Laurie and an army of volunteers are hoping that Harvest America at the 100,000 max-capacity AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, streamed live to more than 6,000 host locations in the U.S. and worldwide, and broadcast live on cable TV on Sunday will usher thousands into a relationship with Jesus and become perhaps the largest Christian outreach in history.

This will be the fourth time in Harvest Ministries’ 26-year history that it has hosted this national outreach, “providing the opportunity for churches throughout the country to unite on one day as one church for one message – the Gospel message of God’s love and salvation, as presented by Laurie,” organizers said.

Laurie is no stranger to large stadium events, but he expressed awe at the size of the venue that hosts the Dallas Cowboys during the NFL season.

On Saturday, Laurie posted on social media a photo of himself and his four grandchildren “surveying the sheer largeness of AT&T stadium.”

Laurie, who is also the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship Church in Riverside and Harvest Orange County in Irvine has led 100 crusades attended by 5 million people with webcasts reaching 1.75 million more. The Dallas Morning News reports that AT&T Stadium could be the setting for “the largest one-day gathering of them all.”

“AT&T Stadium is one big place — it’s massive. But inside, it’s surprisingly intimate,” he told the News. “And when I get into the pulpit and start my sermon, that’s my sweet spot, the place where I feel most comfortable. When I’m up there, I’m having a conversation with an individual. I’m thinking of the person at the top of the stadium about to walk out the door, and I want to talk with that person.

“I want to see people believe in Jesus Christ.”

More than 700 churches from the Dallas-Fort Worth area are participating in Harvest America and for the first time, a choir of “2,400 voices strong” will also participate.

Churches and volunteers hope to make a significant impact in their congregations and communities. “As the nation has faced many fears and struggles, and especially in a divisive election year, local and national organizers are grateful for the opportunity Harvest America provides to bring millions of individuals together on One Day as One Church with One Message – a consistent theme of Harvest America events.”

When asked by the Star-Telegram whether America has forgotten about God, Laurie answered,
“No question about that. Surprisingly, the No. 1 religious group in America is not Catholics or Protestants. They are a group that’s identified as the ‘Nones.’ It’s people who are into spirituality, which means a little bit of everything, perhaps. I want to speak to people like that. Before I was a Christian, I once was a Nones. I didn’t know what I believed and had no world view to speak of. I was just kind of waiting to be formed. I didn’t know there was an instruction manual, which is the Bible, on God’s love for us on how to live life.”

Music featured at the event will be from Chris Tomlin, Lecrae, Switchfoot, and MercyMe.

Harvest America is scheduled for Sunday at 5:30 pm CT. For complete information, including viewing options, visit online at

Photo: Greg Laurie and grandchildren at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on eve of Harvest America. (Harvest America)

Which Bee Gee’s Mega Hit Song Did So Cal Evangelist Greg Laurie Sing a Part of on Valentine’s Day? [VIDEO]

Which Bee Gee’s Mega Hit Song Did So Cal Evangelist Greg Laurie Sing a Part of on Valentine’s Day? [VIDEO]

Can you name that tune? (VIDEO BELOW)

Harvest Ministries pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie said at church on Sunday (Valentine’s Day) that singing with the award-winning Katinas was on his bucket list.

Afterwards, Laurie tweeted a link to the video showing off his pipes with the group and stating, “I actually sang part of a Bee Gees song today at Church! What was I thinking?”

Hint: The song title has the word “Love” in it.

Harvest America banner 2016

Does Dating to Find ‘The One’ Make Any Sense? [Video]

Does Dating to Find ‘The One’ Make Any Sense? [Video]

If you are prone to one heartbreak after another when it comes to relationships it may be time to rethink the common belief that dating is about finding “the one” who will complete you, said author and pastor Naeem Fazal during a recent sermon.

“When it comes to dating, love, relationships, and marriage I think our expectations about marriage, our expectations about dating, finding the person, all that, we seem to be a little gullible, not really sensible,” says Fazal, in a video that shows his first message in a two-part series, “Match.Me,” at Mosaic Church in Charlotte, N.C. “Because a sensible person, the scriptures says, watches their steps. I just want us to be sensible people and watch our steps.”


He explains further, “The first thing we think we need to do in getting into a relationship is to find the one. The second step is we fall in love. And then we put our hopes and dreams on that person, [i.e.,] They complete me or whatever. That’s the trend and then maybe, just maybe, it does not happen.

“If it doesn’t happen we go back to step one” and sometimes, tragically repeat the process over and over again, he said. “So many of us get into a relationship and it’s devastating.”

Fazal said there’s a better idea and discussed Bible verses Ephesians 5:1-2: “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us.”

“The better, sensible plan would be instead of finding the one would be that you be the one. Step two might be that you live in God’s love. And step three is that you put your hope in God. That seems a little more sensible,” he said. “You put your hopes not in a person because that’s too much pressure for anybody. You put it on God.”

Fazal, who timed the release of his series with Valentine’s Day said the first thing he would say in regards to the principle of being the one is that “you need to be whole.”

“If you are not whole then you will live your life trying to find someone to fill that void, fill that whole in your heart.”
He suggests that if you continue to move quickly from one relationship to another you will always be looking for someone to complete you rather than first realize you are loved by God and your hope is with Him.

He said that in a marriage, two complete people who are complete in God’s love “have more of a chance than anyone else.”

“Be super selective and be super patient. Date someone with shared values,” he said. “Stop the madness, don’t find the one.”
He concluded, “If you find yourself broken, God wants to heal you. He wants to put life back into you… when you are consumed in Him you don’t need anyone to complete you.”

Ideally, when two people are already in committed relationships with Jesus, “that’s the kind of people that when they come together it changes everything,” Fazal said.

Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colors,’ Kendrick Brothers’ ‘War Room’ Score Big on Awards Night Celebrating Faith & Values in TV, Movies

Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colors,’ Kendrick Brothers’ ‘War Room’ Score Big on Awards Night Celebrating Faith & Values in TV, Movies

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – At Movieguide’s 24th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala, Dolly Parton was awarded the Epiphany Prize for the Most Inspiring TV Program of 2015 for her NBC TV movie “Coat of Many Colors,” a story of her upbringing in rural Tennessee around the time she was 9 years old.

“I really wanted to celebrate the people, my whole family, who made me who and what I am today. I’m so blessed and thankful for a great cast, producers, director, and for everyone who watched and I’m extremely thankful to the Movieguide Awards for this honor,” Parton said.

Movieguide Awards screen logo at event

During an evening celebrating family-friendly entertainment, War Room came away with the $100,000 Epiphany Prize for Most Inspiring Movie of 2015. The event, held at the Universal Hilton last Friday, will be telecast Monday, Feb. 22, and Wednesday, Feb. 24 on the REELZChannel.

The Epiphany Prizes are supported by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. They are given every year to the “best, most inspiring movie and television program that resulted in a great increase in man’s love or understanding of God.”

The Grace Award for Most Inspiring TV Performance by an Actress, went to 8-year-old Alyvia Alyn Lind who played the young Dolly in Coat of Many Colors.

Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of Movieguide, also released the 2016 Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry at the event that shows that the most family-friendly movies averaged more than $73.01 million per movie in 2014 in America and Canada, but that “the least family-friendly movies with the most offensive, obscene, or anti-family, immoral content averaged only about $17.59 million.”

The study extensively analyzed the content of the top movies released by the major studios in Hollywood earning $750,000 or more, including the major independent studios.

“Most people want to see Good conquer evil, Truth triumph over falsehood, Justice prevail over injustice, Liberty conquer tyranny, and Beauty overcome ugliness,” said Baehr, as reported by Movieguide. “They also would like to take their whole family, including their grandparents, to the movies more often.”

As a family advocacy group, Movieguide has been analyzing the content of movies and comparing box office numbers since 1991.

“We’ve found similar results in practically all of our previous studies,” Dr. Baehr noted. “However, last year was one of the best years for family-friendly entertainment.”

PHOTO (JOHN FREDRICKS/ONE TEN PICTURES): (TOP) Dolly Parton during the red carpet ceremony with Movieguide founder Dr. Ted Baehr (L) and 8-year-old actress Alyvia Alyn Lind, who plays a young Parton in Coat of Many Colors.

PHOTO (JOHN FREDRICKS/ONE TEN PICTURES): (Middle) Movieguide’s 24th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala, held at the Universal Hilton last Friday, will be telecast Monday, Feb. 22, and Wednesday, Feb. 24 on the REELZChannel.

PHOTO (JOHN FREDRICKS/ONE TEN PICTURES): (Bottom) (Left to Right) Tony Nathan, the former NFL and college football star who was the central figure in the movie Woodlawn is joined by cast members Nic Bishop, Joy Brunson, Caleb Castille, and Marcus Henderson.

Movieguide Awards Woodlawn cast

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