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Some reluctant, some anxious, but nevertheless all willing to learn about this social media phenomenom, more than 150 people attended a “Facebook For Dummies” class on the campus of Saddleback Church Wednesday evening.

Saddleback Church Communications Project Leader Jay Kranda presented the case for Facebook in an insightful, humorous fashion. Kranda was barraged with questions throughout the evening, such as, “Will EVERYONE see your post?” “How do you block somebody?” and “How many fan pages can you have with one account?”

Kranda included a short YouTube video presentation about the staggering, exponential growth of social media and Facebook. Judging by the reaction from those in attendance to the video, it was obvious that the buzz about the social network was high.

This was the first presentation of this class and no immediate plans for another have been made. However, many students asked whether another one was coming soon.