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Strong Tower Ministries from W. Ashley Maddox on Vimeo.

Strong Tower Ministries serves as a conduit for Christian groups and individuals to serve God’s kingdom in Baja, said the group’s co-leader, James Kirk-Johnson. The Orange County group partners with as many as 20 other organizations with the goal of providing for the needs of children and families in Mexico.

The amount of mission trips to Mexico began dwindling several years ago with a downturn in the economy, then a swine-flu epidemic, and the drug cartel war with the government, Kirk-Johnson said. Strong Tower Ministries, which continues to deliver thousands of pounds of food to the northern Baja area, is not slowing down its efforts. The organization has built an international training center for teachers of deaf children on the property of Rancho Sordo Mudo, which is an orphanage and school for deaf children located east of Ensenada.

Kirk-Johnson, who has led hundreds of mission trips to Mexico every year since 2005, said he believes the church in America is critical to the “faith movement” and the needs of people living in the Baja area who are living in extreme poverty and under harsh and primitive conditions. He said Christians should have no fear in making a trip to serve the needy in Mexico and should “step out of their comfort zone.”

“If you believe that you serve a God that is the creator of the universe and loves you and protects you, why should that faith be any different when you are driving three hours south to reach out to children in need? The bottom line is this: We have never had people go on a trip who didn’t say they received more out of the trip than they gave,” Kirk-Johnson said.

This Saturday (Aug. 9th), there is a fun opportunity to support Strong Tower Ministries by participating in the annual WetnWild 5K. For information go to