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I saw a man today

and he didn’t match inside the decorated walls

and people…

his wool hat and droopy pants were his

church clothes this morning.

Around him, it was Mother’s Day

but it did not matter.

He sat alone…

this man on Mother’s Day

inside with flowers and decorated walls

and people…

I saw a man today

And for an hour he watched and listened

to the famous preacher’s message on mothers, words from the Bible, comfort for the soul

and as the man began to walk away


amidst the chatter and family

he did not want my help today;

His voice barely audible, his health frail,

nothing I offered was accepted…

But he shook my hand… twice.

And as he took his scooter and belongings

from inside the entrance walls

and headed to a corner in L.A., the streets he named,

I pray the man I saw today, who shook my hand twice,

is resting inside His walls, His Kingdom, on earth

as it is in Heaven…

tonight on Mother’s Day on the streets of L.A.

– Alex Murashko