Tijuana Pastors Open Church Doors to Central American Caravan

Tijuana Pastors Open Church Doors to Central American Caravan

TIJUANA, Baja, Mexico – A group of pastors based in Tijuana, who are already giving humanitarian aid to Central American migrants arriving in caravans, are making an organized effort to minister to their spiritual needs as well.

At a meeting held last Saturday (1/26/19) inside a discreet church and ministry setup inside a close-to-abandoned outdoor shopping area just steps from the U.S.-Mexico border, more than 25 pastors and ministry leaders decided it was best to invite the migrants to their own church services first rather than to try to “church plant” ethnic-specific (Central American) churches.

Three existing churches in the Tijuana area plan to make sure the migrants get the message that they are welcome inside their places of worship. At the meeting, it was determined that in addition to giving an invitation to praise Jesus and fellowship together, church leaders will determine whether to help plant new churches for the migrants at a later time, yet to be determined.

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Haitian pastor Alexandre Amos of First Baptist Church/Haitian Congregation ( Primera Iglesia Bautista/Servicio Haitiano) is part of a group of Tijuana pastors seeking to help recent migrants. (PHOTO: John Fredricks/Freelance) Jan. 26, 2019

“Now, it’s the turn of Mexican pastors and churches in Tijuana, who are challenged to evangelize, disciple and nurture this new wave of migrants in their long journey to spiritual growth and sanctification,” Stan Lee said. “The key here is to fulfill ‘The Great Commission’ as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28:16-20 and this group of faithful Mexican pastors and leaders are doing just that.”

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Pastor Enrique Godinez leads pastors in Tijuana in prayer for reaching Central American migrants at recent meeting. (PHOTO: John Fredricks/Freelance) Jan. 26, 2019

More than a dozen pastors and ministry leaders met to pray and discuss the migrant crisis over two days in early January after they experienced ongoing humanitarian efforts that didn’t seem to be enough to overcome the problems. Coupled with a growing desire to express the Gospel in a tangible way, the first meeting resulted in plans for the second more public meeting.

Stan Lee, who is one of the leaders for the group of pastors, has seen the migrant encampments dwindle over the last few weeks and says there is a report of a complete shutdown of camps inside Tijuana. It appears that a large portion of migrants from the caravan have found home and work in the international border city.

Stan Lee is available for interviews and is able to help facilitate communication with members of the Tijuana pastors group who are focused on helping the migrants in Tijuana.

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