The Homeless: Dear Karin & On a Wing and a Prayer Ministries

The Homeless: Dear Karin & On a Wing and a Prayer Ministries

Dear Karin & On a Wing and a Prayer Ministries,

Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary!

The definition of “home” can have a much broader and much deeper meaning than simply “a roof over your head.”

Several years ago, I was single and had a hole in my stomach that I was looking to fill. You know the hole. The one that your whole aching self tells you that you need to find a soulmate… your match made in heaven so you can marry someone ASAP!

Well, for the first time several years ago, I happened to go to one of Karin’s gatherings (with my aching self) at her small little (cute) condo she shares with a dear friend. Somehow, a bunch of us single types from all over SoCal found our way to these gatherings that Karin threw either at her place, or somewhere like a park, or at an event, or just about anywhere. Karin and her friends made me feel … you guessed it … at home! Her gatherings helped me get through those tough singlehood times and I was no longer “homeless” (with my aching self), but “at home” with all my new found brothers and sisters!

I am forever grateful for Karin and her answering the call from Jesus to find shelter for the homeless… yes, homeless by heart and homeless by missing a physical house to call their own. Karin and On a Wing and a Prayer Ministries even provide a “home” for the “churchless.” What a blessing that her ministry brings church to “where there is no church.”

I’m married now and it was at a house-warming party of a mutual friend (with Karin) that I met my wife (Minnie). The gathering was typical “Karin style.” Just good food and lots of love. It was a special occasion in many ways!

Thank you Karin for being such a great host and ambassador for Jesus! My wife and I look forward to watching how God uses you and us together, to help people find their home here on earth… and their mansion in heaven!


Alex & Minnie Murashko
Media on Mission

“In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” John 14:2